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The Classic Planter

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A Set of 3 Pots, (7.5"/6.5"/5") for Indoor & Outdoor Use.

Modern and Rigid Plastic Pots with Drainage Holes and Saucers.

These plastic planters by Buttonwood Designs are available in three colors, perfect to accent any room and sturdy enough for your outdoor garden.

A Perfect Triplet - Coming as a set of three, they're perfect for your budding propagations all the way up to your mature succulents, flowers, or plants.

Ample Drainage - Goodbye root rot! Our planters feature a mesh design for drainage and soil breath-ability. Matching saucers will help catch excess water on its way out!

Sturdy and Long-lasting - Made with sturdy polypropylene and a high quality finishing, the thicker walls will hold your plants without losing its shape. They're also 100% recyclable through normal curbside recycling!

Dimension: 7.5"/6.5"/5" 

Material: Polypropylene Plastic (PP)

Package: 3*Plastic Planters, 3*Plastic Trays