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Self Watering Planter (Set of 3)

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3 Pack of Decorative Self Watering Plastic Planter with Wick Rope for House Plants, Flowers, Herbs (White)

Forget to water? These got you covered! -These self-watering planters ensure that your plants take only the right amount of water when they need it, especially for the ones with picky water requirements.

A great vacation babysitter - Holding up to 7 days or more of watering per fill (depending on your indoor environment), they are a great way to keep your mind at ease while busy or away on vacation.

Modern, Simple, Chic - Translucent with an ivory center they look fantastic at home or at your office desk. The translucent design helps you to quickly gauge water levels or watch your propagations grow!

Sturdy Material - Made of quality polypropylene plastic material, light-weight but sturdy enough for indoor plants.

How to Use - Double-layer design allows water to be stored in the bottom while the wick rope allows plants to take water then they need it. Or simply remove the inner basket for small propagations.

Inner basket diameter 3.9"
Inner depth 3.2"
Height 5.4"